Move to the Sound

We had the incredible opportunity to work with International YouTube Influencers Benji and Judy Travis of ItsJudysLife as well as OPM Artist, Singer-Songwriter Quest to create a video for Dancember, an annual event headed by the Seattle-based Travis Family that raises money for charity through dancing.

© Dancember

For this project, we gathered 6 of the country’s best dance crews as well as dance video submissions from supporters all over the world to help spread awareness of the movement and raise funds to feed kids all over the world. The Dancember theme song was written and performed by Quest. This production was also carried out in collaboration with another local studio, The Jumpcat Experiment, who gladly joined in the cause. The cause has successfully raised a total of $520,000.00 for Convoy of Hope.

Client: Judy and Benji Travis (ItsJudysLife)
Collateral: Promotional Music Video