Our creative workshops are practical and simplified - designed to equip our participants with the skills to take their communication, strategy and execution to the next level.

All of our workshops come in 4 hour, 8 hour and 12-16 hour formats.



Social Marketing 

The Social Marketing workshop is an in-depth and short format course tackling the fundamentals of effective communication design with the application of design-thinking methods. The course primarily focuses on the principles of social campaign creation, idea generation and message design, and content marketing. The course will also touch on the basics of design thinking and effective design execution.

Design Thinking 

The Design Thinking workshop tackles problem solving using creativity through the five steps of design thinking: Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation and Evolution. It is a practical workshop designed to let participants generate effective ideas through creative simulation, and apply those ideas through prototyping and practical exercises. 

Creative Entrepreneurship 

Creative Entrepreneurship walks participants through solving business problems through creative solutions. This workshop is not only for entrepreneurs in the creative industry (videos, marketing, graphic design, etc.), but also for entrepreneurs in other industries who are looking to tap into and unleash their creative capacity to further their business goals.

Effective Communication through Graphic Design 

Effective Communication through Graphic Design delves into empathy-based communication and creative thinking using graphic design. The fundamentals has primary focus on the principles of idea generation, creative flow and basic graphic design elements, tools and techniques.

Video Communication, Strategy and Execution 

Video Communication, Strategy and Execution tackles how to communicate your messaging effectively to drive results using video as a medium. In this practical workshop, we delve into strategizing videos to work for different objectives, communicating effectively through a “show, not tell” method, as well as technical know-how when it comes to live videos and animation. 

Branding and Creative Communication 

Branding and Creative Communication approaches the fundamentals of branding for businesses. The workshop teaches participants how to craft or understand their branding by first defining what a brand is and what it is supposed to do for their business, then lets them walk through a practical process of designing their brand and/or creative communication strategy to achieve their business goals.

Crisis Communication 

Crisis Communication is a three-part series that solves the challenges of effective communication during times of crisis or emergencies for city government, businesses or other organizations. The series includes the following:

  • Content for Crisis: Emergency Content Creation and Management 

  • Information Management: Setting Up an Information Bureau for Timely and Efficient Dissemination 

  • Information and Education Campaign Creation and Communication Strategy

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