PLDT SubicTells

PLDT Subictel had us collaborating with Avolution, Inc. to come up with an event that would create buzz regarding their new offering on their Fibr Internet Connection. Along with conceptualizing, strategizing and designing the event, we produced this video as part of the  campaign's marketing strategy. The aim of the video was to advertise the event called “Say It With A Billboard” where passers-by will be able to key in various short messages and have them flashed on an LED Billboard. 

To do this, we sought out long-distance couple Josie and Matthew to share their true story of how good connection drew them closer despite their distance, and related this to PLDT Subictel purpose of providing strong connections through their Fibr service.


On the event day itself, we saw people flocking to the Say It With A Billboard booths to play games, win prizes, and to put up their feelings on a flashing LED billboard. In an unexpected turn of events, we also met Eya, who happened to witness what we were doing, and right on the spot asked us to help her propose to her boyfriend, RJ! Armed with 10 minutes of pre-production, an iPhone 6s Plus and everyone on board, the proposal was as beautiful as it was captured - Raw. Unfiltered. Powerful.

Client: PLDT Subictel
Event: PLDT Subic Tells
Collateral: Online Video